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Insurance Assistance Plan

As of August 1, 2008, Nashville CARES administrates the Insurance Assistance Plan (IAP) for the State of Tennessee.  The goal of IAP is to keep privately insured HIV/ AIDS infected TN residents on their medical insurance policies. This not only keeps consumers in care and provides better health outcomes , but it is also a cost efficient and effective program. The plan helps offset out of pocket expenses by paying for premiums, deductibles, and copays. It also helps the individual living with HIV/AIDS by providing coverage with which he or she is  familiar and is oftentimes more comprehensive than what Ryan White direct services can provide. Individuals wishing to participate in the Insurance Assistance Plan must meet certain income and situational qualifications.

If you are in Southeast TN and need to see if you or a client qualifies for IAP, please contact Maranda Clark at (423) 209-8278 or Trevor Wilson (423) 209-8276.

For information about Tennessee's IAP program, please contact Nashville CARES: 1-800-845-4266

For claim status information, please call Claims: 1-855-878-1499